Capt. Jack wig displays in the works!

With all of the sculpting and mold making I have been doing lately, I have decided to take this talent into the POTC realm.

The JACK HEAD is a latex “mask” that will slide over your foam wig head for you to display your wig on. These will be thick pulls so they will not be like a cheap floppy dime store mask. Each will be hand painted with painted facial hair. A “deluxe” version with realistic facial hair may be coming in the near future.

Click here to see the making of the Jack head

These will be available in a day or two and can be ordered as follows…

Jack head / mask only – $ (price to be announced)

Jack head w/ foam wig head – $ (price to be announced)

Jack head w/ foam and wood stand – $ (price to be announced)


Capt. Jack wig displays in the works! — 2 Comments

    • I have not had a chance to complete one yet. I made the prototype and based on that I have received two special orders. I hope to have the first one completed very soon. My schedule is PACKED at the moment…. but I will try to work them in here and there.

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