Halloween season update 2013

Hello and welcome to Halloween 2013!

I normally give more updates starting in early September, but I have been so busy with private orders and filming… I just didn’t get to post any.

This is my first update for Halloween 2013… and the last.

I will not be taking any more Halloween orders (rush orders) for the 2013 Halloween season. (my cup runneth over…)

My latest adventures…

Provided some special effects, props and acted as an extra in the filming of Celtic Band “Highland Reign” music video for their song “ALBA GU BRATH”, which should be released in a few weeks.

Special Yordreem Pizza

Rupert Boneham / Scott Blake: Enjoying some “fresh” pizza during the making of Rupert Bonehams Frightmares: Seriously Scary Stories – episode “Hold the Meat”.

Filmed 2 episodes of  “Rupert Boneham’s Frightmares: Seriously Scary Stories” (yes… the same Rupert that is on CBS / Survivor: Blood vs Water).  

It was great fun and long nights. Rupert is a great guy and very entertaining with his Survivor stories. 


We’re currently in pre-production of a VERY cool music video (to be announced later), the design phase of a “special” mask for a special project and something extra that will be announced later.

For now… Back to work in the shop!

Have a safe Halloween season!



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