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I have received a few comments requesting that I start making leather items. Though I do not have ANY leather working tools, I did order catalogs to look into it. It seems that there are a lot of over priced leather products out there… and we all know… I’m here to give the best product for your dollar!
Yep, I said it. To some it’s a bad BAD word. A lot of people are probably thinking… “What to get who, and can I afford it”….
For the right person, I have the right gift idea! If you dont see it here, just ask!
X-mas orders starting now… so order soon before it’s too late!

Here’s an idea for one lucky kid!  I am making 1 (one) Jr. Jack Sparrow wig. This wig will come complete with all the wool dreads, exact scarf, and some of the correct beads and coins. *Some beads and coins will not be quite the same due to the fact that everything about this Jr. wig is smaller…actually half the size as the regular wig. It should fit a child ranging from the ages of 5 to 11 depending on the childs size.* $90.00 + shipping.

(and remember… YORDREEM is not just ALL about  pirates)

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