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So… Here we are about two months away from the premier of On Stranger Tides and I have had a ton of emails asking when most of the Jack items will be available to order again.
Many people are asking if I am not offering things right now because I am sold out of things. Well, as a matter of fact… Yes. I am sold out of a couple of items. The OST vest fabric supply sold out (however I still may have enough for one or two… I’ll know when I get time to cut the rest of my orders). Also on the list of sold out is the ebony 903 raffia fabric for Jacks coat. The supplier does not plan on having any more of it made. I DO however have two rolls in the shop that will be used for orders already received… and its very possible that some of those will have to be made with the licorice raffia (the closest match to the ebony).
The Jack OST wigs aren’t sold out though. They will be made available to order some time early to mid April and I will only take a few orders for them at that time to be available by May 20th.
More items will be added to the OST WIG UPGRADE KITS soon… Everything you would need to upgrade an original version of the Jack wig will be included. ALL of the individual pieces for the OST wig will also be available to purchase soon.
The Yordreem waiting list is still HUGE at the moment, but should thin out over the next month. At that time, the wait time should go back to normal (about 4 weeks at the most). However, I have been contacted about doing wardrobe for “a certain pirate themed production”, which would put the shortening of the wait time back about a month or so. No worries though… we’ll get it figured out! :o)


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  1. Greetings,

    I have been admiring your work for the past year or so, and was wondering when you were going to have the “regular” Jack Sparrow inspired vests in stock?

    Warm Regards,


    • hi Jessica!
      Everything is made to order. Most everything that is not available to order right now will be made available in about 2 weeks.

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