Molding and casting Day 3-7-17

I’ve been really busy sculpting and molding for the past few days. Today I’ve pulled 5 masks and poured 5 more… Including a new one (ssssshhhh…..). Molding a new sculpt within the hour.

I may have mentioned before that my Bela Lugosi sculpt AND mold is finished. I pulled one silicone casting that was “ok”, but not up to par. I’m waiting on a different silicone to arrive before I cast again.

Bad silicone pull

Plastic mold for silicone









A big thank you to my buddy Aaron Horton @ Ghoulage Apparel for the fancy decal! Aaron uses my “Nameless Nomad” for his logo. He designs some cool shirts… go check them out here GHOULAGE APPAREL 

Ghoulage Apparel

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