New OST vest fabric video / Deleted+edit

I can not believe this fabric… and I can not believe how some people can feel so strongly about an opinion.  People are actually getting nasty with each other over this….. it’s just CRAZY!

After posting my video, I started receiving TONS of emails (still have 19 more to read) about the color of the embroidery thread on the new OST Jack vest. Some say gold… some say its like a copper/tan, and some say it’s a dark color that reflects a gold hue.  Everyone says the same thing…. “Every pic that has been seen of the screen used vest looks like (insert your choice of color here>>>)_______”. And it’s always a different color.

I have 3 people that informed me that they worked on the film/in the film/near the film….blah blah blah…. and all three have told me that they saw it, felt it, and breathed on it and it was gold. A few actually about had a cow when they saw my video and started thinking that they were going to receive the fabric that was in the video…. and not gold.

There are a few people that say that THEY have a friend or two that had something to do with the film and THEY say its some sort of maroon color.

I didn’t work on the film…near the film…nor do I have a friend close enough that does… I can only go on what I see in the pics that everyone else can see.

So… I take back my comment about Mr. Acme being correct. He might be correct, but for now….I’m still just staying neutral.

If someone requested gold embroidery on their order thats what they will get. Check back later for info on when the OST vest will be available again.


New OST vest fabric video / Deleted+edit — 6 Comments

  1. Well I just like the vest it´s beautiful and is it gold or maroon or what ever color you did a great job and I´m waiting till I can order the vest.

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