News for Capt. Jack items…

Today is the last day you can order a COMPLETE Capt. Jack wig from my website.
I have decided that there are many people that are making and selling the trinkets, beads and scarves… So from now on (After tonight), I will only offer the wig hair & dreadlocks in all versions…. without beads, trinkets and scarves.
Yes, this also means the price per wig will be lowered.
I do have a lot of the beads & trinkets “in stock” and will be listing those on ebay until they are gone.
If you have already placed an order for a complete wig… you will still receive a complete wig.
Also… I have put a lot of thought into this one…. and I have decided that the Capt. Jack coats are no longer “profitable” enough for me to make. I will either be eliminating them from my website, or I will need to increase the price per coat. (still thinking about it… I’ll decide by later tonight).
Times are changing… I must change with them or I will sink and die.


News for Capt. Jack items… — 3 Comments

  1. Aww ;n; I was looking forward to buying the complete wig for ages and wanted to order one now that I have enough money hahaha
    Oh well. I understand though. And luckily you still sell the necessary things to finish the wig!

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