OST waistcoat news…

It may not be new news to you… However, Some people have not heard that there are no plans for this fabric to be manufactured at this time.
What this means… Once the small roll of this fabric I have in the shop is used up… it’s gone.
The waistcoat will be available to order here on Saturday February 26th at 9:00am (Indiana time). First come/first serve.
Due to the amount of fabric I have, sales will be limited.
There will be at least an 8 week wait for these waistcoats to be made and shipped.


OST waistcoat news… — 1 Comment

  1. I was curious about customizing an order into an odd request. Could you redo an ACME vest’s front fabric removal and add your fabric in place of it? I much like the ACME’s back fabric to stay the way it is. But I want your vest’s front fabric. If I sent you an ACME vest, could you perform this surgical sewing procedure?

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