Pre-order your OST / DMTNT waistcoats now!


Pre-ordering for the OST waistcoat is closed.


OST / DMTNT Capt. Jack waistcoat

I have 4 people on the list already, and I have just received my fabric sample for the OST / DMTNT waistcoat fabric.
It has been confirmed and pre-orders are now open.
NOTE: This is a limited run and once pre-ordering has been closed, you will not be able to order this waistcoat. (until next time…. if there is a next time)
This is the most expensive fabric I have EVER purchased…. so I’m sorry to say, these waistcoats are not cheap to produce.

This is by pre-order only. The “click to order” buttons on my website will be open until Sunday night ( 7-12-15).
Small (36-38) $481.00
Med (40-44) $490.00
Large (46-48) $495.00
Shipping in the U.S. will be $12.00 / International shipping is $60.00. (don’t blame me for those shipping costs… they raised the rates on international shipping a couple of weeks ago).
I have added postage buttons for this item as well… so be sure to click on the correct postage.
There will be an average wait time on these custom made waistcoats… I’m estimating about 14 weeks… give or take a few.…/replica-jack-sparrow-potc-items/

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