Shhh… It’s a supplies!

Today was a big receiving day! All kinds of supplies rolled into the studio.  So much for so many projects… I’m like a kid on Christmas day! I don’t know what to play with first! (Can’t today though…. I’m covered in plaster)

Come convention time, my booth will be like a freakin museum… (but you can buy my stuff). Which reminds me… I have another “item” I hope to finish before then. If all goes well, it will be pretty freaky walking into my booth.

“Green-stretched” one of my “Unspoken” masks and painted it today. I love manipulating the green latex and seeing what happens… and I love the imperfections it leaves behind. (The same mask I modified to make a “Mr. Boogie” mask). Just a one-off thing that I’ll be saving for convention.



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