I’ll call it…A KARMA SALE

The YORDREEM CREATIONS Christmas discount week was a total flop.
To date many families are continuing to suffer job loss, pay cuts, and less scheduled hours of work. Consumers do not have an abundance of money to spend on gifts this holiday season. Cash today can be very hard to come by. Many families are living paycheck to paycheck. Credit card debt is a huge problem for many families right now along with many other forms of debt.
The outlook of this economic crisis could be glum; it could get worse or, for all we know it might taper off in the near future. Only time will tell…

So… I have decided to release items I have in stock at a very big discounted price… some up to 50% off!!!

You can find these as “buy it now” items on Ebay. Search “peaches9938”.

These items will be posted in the evening of the 16th.

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