Want to place an order? *please read*

It’s been the busiest season ever… even busier than any Halloween so far. The new POTC film has sparked interest in not only the new Jack Sparrow items, but the original wardrobe style as well.
Yordreem shut down all sales on ebay a couple of months ago, and then over time some items on the website were shut down as well. This was done to keep from taking on a huge overload of orders.
All items that aren’t available now WILL be available to order in about two weeks (with the exception of the OST vest). There will be a wait time of about 6 to 8 weeks on most items… smaller orders such as “ost wig upgrade kits”, “wig junk”, “wrist wraps”, “single trinkets”, etc… will have a shorter wait time (about 2 to 3 weeks).
Yordreem items are in high demand and I am receiving requests from all over the planet… as well as a “wardrobe project” for a certain “production” that will start soon.
Busy busy busy is the word! Drop anchor and relax… the winds will be gusting soon enough.

PS/ I AM on facebook, but it is a personal page for close friends and family. There is a fine line between business and personal life. BUT…. there is a Yordreem facebook page.


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