Complete DMTNT Capt. Jack wig… — 13 Comments

  1. Hello! I’m wondering when these will be available again? I would like to purchase soon as I was unable to a year or so ago. Thank you!

  2. Please let me know if “just” the wig is still available/ when available. Or, even if the complete wig becomes available ever again.

    • Scott, I’m looking to purchase a Jack Sparrow wig and dreads DMTNT

      Please advise if the time frame, thanks

      • Hello Gregg… I do still offer the wigs occasionally. I am currently starting a project that will have me totally booked up until the end of February. I may offer wigs again early March. HOWEVER, if this big project does not pull through I may offer the wigs some time around the end of December. Feel free to contact me then or subscribe for updates.

        • Hey Scott just touching base on your time frame, end of February still looking like your time frame?

          • Hi Gregg. The end of February still looks right… MAYBE even as soon as the end of this month or mid January.

    • I’m sorry Mr. Cushnie…. this post was from 2015.
      Complete wigs aren’t available. Hair and dreadlocks only are available occasionally. Just sign up for the email list and you will be alerted when they are available again.

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