Jack Sparrow exact pendant dangles for a limited time only — 4 Comments

  1. I ordered a hair pin, voodoo coin, and a pair of skulls for my Jack Sparrow wig on 8-15-11 ( I. D# 65LO71123M614152M ) .It’s now 9-13-11. It’s been almost a month now. When is it coming?

    • Some people don’t notice the heading at the top of the page like the one you ordered from that states the length of our waiting list. Thats ok… understandable. How about tomorrow? I just finished up a batch of “trinkets” and all “trinket” and “upgrade kit” orders will be shipped over the next two days.

    • I will offer them when I find them. They are VERY hard to get. I have a few sets (about 3 or 4) being shipped to me right now and will have them available for a very short time. Keep an eye on the blog!

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