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  1. Hi! I’m a huge fan of Jack Sparrow character… I was sick of searching an exact costume replicas on internet, then I found your web page, that makes me very happy… My questions are: 1. How can I buy the frog coat with all the trim holes and buttons incluide? 2.Can I buy the wig junk bundle with all the chains and dangles of the large one incluide? if yes, do yo have it available? 3. Do you have the OST waist coat vest on sale? 4. I also want the tricorn hat replica… Do you have it? 5. Do you have the three belts with the sword holder? Please and the most important thing for me, Are you always selling these things? Is because right now I can’t afford all those items in one transaction. I’ll need a few months of work to afford it… hahaha! Guys thanks for real! you are great! I just saw the pictures of your products and I have to say that you got a great talent… God Bless All Of You!!!

    • Hi Javier!
      The frock coats can be ordered right now, but it is only for a limited time before I close all sales for a little while. Don’t worry… they will be open again once the waiting list works down. The button hole trim is only available when its in stock. Its very hard to find. The wig junk is usually available, however the exact dangles that hang from the ends of the chains on the large coin pendant are only available when they are in stock. They are very hard to find as well.
      The OST waistcoat fabric is sold out. I MIGHT have enough fabric left over for one or two…. if I do, I will post that on the home page. I do not make the hat or belts. A good place to look for those would be Ebay.
      The order buttons will close soon, but they will be open again soon after.
      Thanks for checking out YORDREEM CREATIONS!

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