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Updating your own wig? Look through these items!


Bronze skeleton key $6.00  *limited 1 per customer*

Ring & Ball (set) $6.00

Butterfly Bead $2.00 ea.

Silver barrel $4.00

Large tooth $6.00

Ashanti brass bead $2.00

1 silver DMTNT head bead (PO8) $2.00 ea.

1 DMTNT Blue head bead (PO8) $2.00 ea.

Set of 2 Blue Glass beads DMTNT $3.00/pair

Original Style Wig

These wigs come in “average” size which is 23″-25″. There is an elastic strap attached to the elastic head band inside which can be tightened or even removed for a better fit. Each wig is custom made and shades of color in the wig hair and the dreadlocks may vary.

As noted here, there are no returns, refunds or exchanges on wigs.

Wig hair & dreadlocks only (wig stand not included)

Original style hair and dreadlocks only – (without trinkets & scarf) $300.00



OST hair & dreads only (*no trinkets or scarf*) $350.00




DMTNT wig hair & dreadlocks only $375.00



Capt. Jack Coat 

*ost vest was photo-shopped in for display purposes* (ebony raffia in pic not available)

Coat button hole trim

Yordreem coats are made to fit like the screen used coat. The front panels are cut back to give that “open” look to show off the goods under the coat. Non-working button holes. Full liner. Brass metal buttons. Working pockets. *Measurements needed – Chest, waist, sleeve (from shoulder point to wrist), total height*

Capt. Jack coat – $1,200.00  *Not available at this time*


Capt. Jack Waistcoat

Linen front, working pockets, full lining, exact silversmith style buttons.


Fabrics used to create your waistcoat

If your size is an “in between” size, round up to the next size listed when ordering and make note of your actual chest size. (small vests have ten buttons down ten front to hold proportion)

Sm. size (36) – $175.00  – *Not available at this time*

Med size (40) /Lg size (48) – $180.00 – *Not available at this time*

Add adjustable back tie – $10.00 –  *Not available at this time*

Drop Front Breeches

Men’s size 32/34 or 38/42. Cotton. Adjustable waistband, accurate buttons.

POTC Breeches (4 button leg closure) – $200.00 – *Not available at this time*

POTC Breeches (3 button leg closure) – $200.00 – *Not available at this time*

Wrist Wrap – Original Style


Roughly 30″x3.5″

Wrist wrap (POTC 1,2,3) -$45.00 *Not available at this time*

OST Wrist Wrap

Black / burnt orange

Wrist wrap (OST) – $45.00 *Not available at this time*


Calypso / Tia Dalma Dress

Three piece dress (top, skirt & belt) custom made in your size. *Necklaces & wig not included*.

61557_165755070255085_1743017802_n Tia Dalma

tia Dalma (back)

The back has an extra filler piece to be used to widen the bodice, or can be totally removed.

Tia Dalma Dress – $800.00 *Not available at this time*

Joshamee Gibbs Vest

Slightly aged 100% cotton, working pockets, “weathered” arm holes and button holes.

*Not available at this time*

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