UPDATE: Shipping delays on all complete wigs — 8 Comments

  1. i sent a message ,is it possible to know when the wig ordered on4 th of february will be sent to me (to France)thnak you so much for your answer

    • Lebouleux,
      I have attempted to send you many emails, but they keep coming back as undeliverable. With any luck you’ll see this reply. Your order is shipping out in a few days.

  2. hello once again was also inquiring about frock coat and shirt if you also continue making them as well as compass or where i can find compass thx once again skot for your time- fernando

  3. I would also like to have the wrist wrap and pants as well as the complete ost wig and vest if you can> your work is worth the wait!!! also is there anyway to hold a spot on the wig and vest with a full down payment ? or anything would like to take care of it upfront because i know you have many orders?? once again thx for your time – Fernando

  4. hello i was inquiring on a complete jack wig from “on stranger tides and would like to purchase the complete wig and other accessories the vest as well let me know on how to aquire items please and thank you i have purchased wig from you in the past and 4 years the wig has seen many days at sea so i need an upgrade tis a pirates life- thx 210-4169243

    • The complete OST wigs will be available to order around mid April. I will know if I MIGHT have some extra vest fabric in about a week.

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