1. Is it possible to order the OST Jack Sparrow waist coat? All the pieces I’ve bought from you are perfect. I can only imagine the product. Please advise, I’m a 48-50″ XL

  2. I do costuming but no where near the scale (and exacting specifications)as you. Just wanted to tell you, you are fantastic! Your eye for detail and dedication to authenticity are amazing. I did sewing for a local living history museum and became interested in 17th – 19th century sewing, so I really enjoy your website. Thank you for for posting your photos. They are an inspiration to me!

    • Fabric by the yard and fabric samples are NOT available for sale. Only the complete waistcoat is available. One will be complete very soon and pics will be posted.

  3. Hi there!!! Got your Jack wig before AWE came out and it’s still serving us very well. 🙂

    Just wondering if you’d be interested or able to sell a couple yards of the fabric as opposed to a complete vest? We can’t afford a completed one, atm, as we’re also considering the OST wig or kit to mod our existing one as well…

    If you could email a reply it’d be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks so much in advance!

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