Sculpture & Model Fabrication

Masks, props, statues, busts, memorials.

Casting & Mold Fabrication

Screen/stage accurate reproductions, prop weapons, costume parts, body parts, etc with plaster, silicone, latex, urethane plastic, or PVC plastic. Museum or collector replicas in fine detail.

Prop design & Fabrication

Props can be sculpted, molded and replicated, or fabricated from various materials.

Costume Design & Fabrication

Rough sketches done or submit your own prototype sketch. Everything from sewing a basic coat to creating a life-size creature involving foam, silicone, latex, fabrics.

Architectural Reproduction

Reproduction of antique architectural items such as corbels, Grotesques (gargoyles), door trim, decorative ceiling medallions. The originals made of plaster, wood, or metal can be reproduced in rigid foam, solid urethane plastic, plaster or concrete (non-loadbearing).

Set & Stage Design

Using some or all techniques listed above, the perfect film set, concert stage, party events or theater setting can be created.

Special Effects Makeup

Cuts, bruises, scrapes, bullet holes, compound fractures, etc… Depending on your needs, basic makeup or prosthetic pieces can be applied to the actor to achieve realistic eye-popping effects for your film, stage, or haunt.

Memorial Casting

Death masks (face casting of the deceased) and hand casting (single or multiple). These services are completed in the funeral home along with the Funeral Director.

Also available – Custom life-size sculpture of your loved one. These casting are resin and come in many finishes. Multiple copies can be made for the whole family.